Waterproofing professional building materials

BKM.MANNESMANN AG manufactures innovative and unique products to protect your home’s mineral masonry against moisture penetration. For this purpose, we have developed our own product line. By taking products from BKM.Group, acquiring and optimizing products from other companies, and developing our own unique formulas we have built our product line to exceed industry standards.

Managemant System ISO 9001

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Free consultation

Free consultation and failure analysis on site by our failure analysis team. Durable seal through our hydrophobing injection process by building a horizontal or surface barrier, rehabilitation of moisture and pressure water damage, mould removal, professional execution in the client's home.

Barrier treatments

BKM.MANNESMAN AG is the premier manufacturer of barrier treatments for professional application on existing mineral masonry.
Our product line includes:

  • Injection material that prevents rising dampness and horizontal moisture penetration;
  • Resin that works against pressurized water; and
  • Facade protection material that provides protection from wind-driven rain, dirt and more.

25 year Guarantee

BKM.MANNESMANN HP-K Pro is produced under the strictest quality requirements and continuously monitored for product quality and consistency.

For this, BKM.MANNESMANN AG sets the highest standard necessary to guarantee compliance associated with the name BKM.MANNESMANN. Thus, you can be sure every customer always receives only the highest quality.